About React Js Developmemt

React JS is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript-based library which helps ReactJS developers for building user interfaces exactly for developing responsive web and single page applications. ReactJS is rapid & malleable backed by Facebook/Instagram & other community of developers.


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  • Virtual DOM
  • One-Way Data Binding
  • Cross Platform

Key features and benefits of React Native

  • Platform-Specific Customization: Although React Native enables cross-platform development, developers can still customize components and UI elements for each platform, ensuring a native look and feel.
  • Third-Party Integration: React Native allows easy integration with native modules and third-party libraries, providing access to a wide range of native device features.
  • JavaScript: React Native leverages JavaScript, a popular and widely used programming language, making it accessible to a large pool of developers.
  • Support for Web: With the help of projects like React Native Web, code sharing between web and mobile apps becomes more feasible, enabling developers to create applications for multiple platforms simultaneously.