AWS Springboot Bug Fix


Client issue

We are running an ecs service in amazon (java springboot) where we face some issues with the database (rds) connection: org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: The connection attempt failed.

After Fix The REVIEW

Just perfect. Way faster then I thought, knows what he is talking about. Would really recommend him.


Hours delivered back to the business


SOX compliance in Settlement process automation


Success rate of bot case completion


For functional release of OBT, RTS and OGS

The Chalange

Here are some general steps to follow when dealing with bugs in your AWS Spring Boot application:

  1. Identify the Bug: Start by identifying the specific bug or issue in your Spring Boot application. Look for any error messages, exceptions, or unexpected behavior that could lead you to the root cause.

  2. Debugging: Use debugging techniques to narrow down the problem. You can set breakpoints in your code, use logging to track the flow of data and execution, and use debugging tools provided by Spring Boot.

  3. Review Code Changes: If the bug appeared after recent code changes, review the changes thoroughly to identify any potential causes.

  4. Check AWS Configuration: Ensure that your AWS configuration, such as security groups, IAM roles, and AWS services, are set up correctly to support your Spring Boot application.

  5. Testing: Create test cases to reproduce the bug and validate the fix once implemented. Automated testing can be very helpful in ensuring that the bug is fixed and doesn’t reappear in the future.

  6. Use AWS Documentation and Community: AWS has extensive documentation and a vibrant community that can help you troubleshoot specific AWS-related issues.

  7. Update Dependencies: Ensure that you are using the latest stable versions of AWS SDKs and Spring Boot dependencies. Sometimes, bugs can be fixed by updating to the latest versions.

  8. Peer Review: Have someone else on your team review your code changes to catch any potential issues or provide additional insights.

  9. Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD): If you have a CI/CD pipeline, make sure it’s properly configured to catch issues before deploying to production.

  10. Version Control: If you’re using version control (e.g., Git), make sure to keep track of changes, and if needed, revert back to a working version if the bug is blocking.

What did
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