You can use Power BI to harness the power of AI and use it to automate your business processes.

POWER BI Features

A 360-degree picture of the business data is provided to consumers through the cloud-based business analytics tool Microsoft 365 Power BI Software. With the help of numerous features like live dashboards, interactive reports, and user-friendly interfaces, business intelligence software solutions like Power BI provide you more control over your company’s operations.

The Power BI software and apps provide customers with dynamic insights that are both visually appealing and seamlessly connected. You can read on to learn more about the Power BI features if you’re curious what they are.
The following are new features for Power BI:

  • Power BI Desktop – The Windows Desktop Application is what it is.
  • Power BI Service – A SaaS service is offered online.
  • Power BI Apps – Android, iOS, and Windows devices can all use the apps.

Users of the Power BI new capabilities may now create data, share it, and obtain insights that can be used to streamline company procedures. Users can publish reports created in Power BI Desktop to the on-premises report server using Power BI Server Report.


Different users can utilise the Microsoft 365 Power BI Software in different ways. Businesses can use Power BI’s new features to serve a variety of goals with effectiveness and efficiency.

View Reports: You may view reports and dashboards with Power BI.
Create reports, publish data, and access it all with the Power BI Service. Manage Sales leads effectively to keep track of sales growth. Utilize the Power BI APIs to add data to clear dashboards and produce engaging visuals to gain a fresh perspective on the data.

Power BI is a flexible tool that team members can use for a variety of tasks. Businesses can utilise the programme, for instance, to receive a thorough real-time snapshot of their inventory and manufacturing process. The group can effectively manage the inventory and streamline the production process.


The Power BI Desktop Features will be discussed.

Power BI handles client relationships by keeping track of customer interaction data and enabling the sales team to keep track of the best leads without getting lost. Examine Documents Relevant to Your Position:

  1. For designers, use Power BI Desktop
  2. The power of BI for users
  3. For administrators: Power BI
  4. Developer-focused Power BI
  5. Analytics integration with Power BI


The three primary parts of Power BI are used in the software solutions’ regular process. In Power BI Desktop, they establish connections to data sources and produce reports. Users can publish data from Power BI Desktop to the Power BI Service thanks to the functionality of Power BI Desktop. Users of the Power Bi service and mobile devices can share the same with end users. They can interact and view the reports.


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The Microsoft 365 Power BI Software includes both business analytics and business intelligence. With updated insights, the solution streamlines your business. Let’s familiarise themselves with Power BI Features.

  • Self-Service Analytics : Get an analytics platform that properly satisfies the needs of both small businesses and huge corporations as a scalable solution. Choose this one solution and the latest Power BI features over many options that compromise security and add complexity and expense.
  • Actionable Insights :With the addition of Power BI’s new features, the programme now provides a wealth of data visualisation insights that support speedy decision-making. To help generate quantifiable outcomes, the system includes bespoke data connectors with AI and excel integration capabilities.
  • Data Loss Prevention : Utilize Power BI’s top-notch data loss prevention and sensitivity categorization solutions to keep your data safe and secure.


It would be fantastic if you could find a platform that is extremely dependable and safe and that permits transferring data securely across international data centres while adhering to legal standards. Business intelligence software programmes like Power BI produce and disseminate data in an engaging, aesthetically pleasing format. You may put your worries to rest once and for all because Microsoft, the leading company in the sector, supports the solution.

Visualize your Data: Power BI makes it easier to connect and visualise data that provides useful insights so you can decide what to do next and how to do it. Data can be combined quickly, and dynamic reports that are brand-focused and readily customised with your KPIs may be created. Business queries can be resolved by putting AI at the core of the solution. Utilize Power BI features to give yourself the tools you need to make wise business decisions.

Power BI features more than 120+ free connectors to give you a bird’s eye view of all the data in your company, allowing you to connect and make better decisions. Numerous on-premises and cloud data sources can be connected without any issues. Control over numerous Dynamics 365 products can be consolidated. Excel, SharePoint, and Microsoft Azure SQL Database can help you make better business decisions.


Get data from several sources: Power BI allows users to choose from a variety of on-premises and on-cloud data sources. Both structured and unstructured data are possible. Data sources available to users include SQL Server, Excel, Access, Oracle, Azure, Power BI Insights, Power BI Dataflows, and XML.

Use data from data sets: A data set is a collection of data that has been taken from one or more data sources. Users can generate Datasets by removing the most important information from one or more sources. Users can quickly filter datasets to obtain useful and pertinent data subsets. Numerous internal data connectors are present.

Office 365 App Launcher: Power BI works very well with other solutions. Users of this App can instantly launch Microsoft 365 apps.

Office 365 App Launcher: Power BI works very well with other solutions. Users of this App can instantly launch Microsoft 365 apps.

Content packs: Power BI’s Content packs provide a selection of Dashboards. Instead of choosing information from various elements, Data Models and users can use the content packs to meet their needs.

Dashboards that can be customised: Dashboards offer statistics that generate insightful findings and profitable judgments. Numerous visualisations are used as tiles to construct the dashboards. In a Power BI Dashboard, these tiles can be thought of as a single block that provides visualisation. They compile every visualisation to provide a clearer picture. The Tiles can be positioned anywhere on the Dashboard by users.

DAX Data Analysis Function: These pre-defined tools analyse data in a particular way. The Power BI function library contains more than 200 features for users. As new features are consistently added, the list is rapidly expanding.