Our Custom Supports

About AWS Certified Solutions Architect

  • OpenSuSE Leap v.42.3 64-bit
  • Kernel v.4.4.155
  • Asterisk v.13.21.1-vici
  • DAHDI v.2.11.1
  • LibPRI v.1.6.0
  • Amfletec VoiceSync v.1.3.8
  • OpenR2 v.1.3.3 for MFC/R2 support
  • ViciDial SVN v.2.14-689a build 180922-0958 revision 3035
  • Multi-Server “Cluster” support to automatically configure new servers
  • Expert mode available for options such as MySQL Slave, SVN Revision, etc
  • Simplified “express” installation option for single-server setups
  • Integrated firewall with voipbl.org and White/Dynamic/Black IP ACL
  • Automated G729 and G723 codec installation
  • Certbot set-up script for SSL certificate
  • WebRTC ViciPhone ready
It Support

We Provide Complete Support on VICIBOX on CLOUD with firewall security and static ip allowed to the customer network with complete installation and configuration with call recording with toll free number configuration.

Benifit of using VICIBOX on cloud.

  • 100 % bandwidth
  • 0% of Downtime
  • 24×7 SLA Support
  • Resize resources any time as per usage.
  • Auto Backup
  • Real time User Monitoring.

We Provide complete support on windows server with Active Directory Integration on Azure Cloud as well as Remote Desktop Sessions for multiple users for remote work.

We also provide Windows Server Based VPN for Secure Data transmission.

Webfiltering on cloud for secure company data.

Configuration Firewall on Windows Server for secure your Company data.

We Provide Complete support on VPN Server, Open VPN, L2tp/Ipsec, SSTP VPN’s on your own server as well as on VPS. with maximum speed.

By using our vpn solution you can connect your own company network, from any place in the world. By using vpn vps you can connect to any country subnet in a secure way.

By Using Site to Site VPN you can connect to internal server which is behind the company firewall. and access its api by using IPSEC tunnel and you can make your application in production. Just like Mpaisa. Vodaphone etc.

We also provide this solution on cloud as well on premises network. By using it on cloud you will have 0% downtime of ipsec tunnel and your application. We also configure network monitoring with proper notification and alert on your phone or on email if any downtime occurs.